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How do you shape eyebrows?  

  • The product that I use is like wax but it's not.  It is a soy based product that doesn't stick to the skin like wax and is therefore less painful.  I do not do threading, but I will tweeze a few hairs at the end to be precise.

If I wax my lip, will it grow back thicker or darker?

  • No, In fact, if any changes occur it will be your lip hair getting thinner & fewer hairs.

What are your sanitation procedures for pedicures?

  • I clean the pedicure throne with Lysol after every person.  Then I fill it with water, bleach, and Cascade.  I turn on the jets and let it run for 10 minutes.  I do this after every person. Otherwise bacteria and fungus can be passed from person to person.

How much will it cost to get my eyebrows done after the first time?

  • $12

How long should I grow my hair before waxing?

  • At least 7 days but 2 weeks is better.

What do you do in an acne facial?

  • I will cleanse, use a toner, exfoliate off dead skin cells with an alpha-hydroxy acid mask, and do extractions (pick pimples and blackheads).
  • I will do a facial massage if time allows.  Next you will get an acne treatment, pore refining mask.  I will finish with a light moisturizer with sunscreen.

Does the price for waxing include both legs?

  • Yes,  and partial leg is from the knee down.

How long should I wait between eyebrow waxes?

  • Most people wait between 2 and 4 weeks.

What do you get in a half hour facial?

  • You get cleansed and toned, exfoliation, massage, mask, and moisturizer.

What's a mini pedicure?

  • Basically just toenails: trimmed, filed, cuticles pushed back and polish.

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